Saturday, April 03, 2010

I have just finished reading The Deserter's Tale.  In short, it tells the story of a former American soldier in Iraq who fled combat and was, at time of publishing, seeking asylum in Canada.
Let me begin by saying I am trying to personally attack no one, here.  I have nothing against the individuals who have served time overseas.  I'm know it is not easy.  I also believe many joined the forces with nothing but the best of intentions.
I am also not a passivist.  I do believe there are occasions where international aggression is warranted, as a means of protection.  Either for specific countries or citizens in general.  I just don't think Iraq is an example of that.
I think Iraq is the result of a war hungry president.  There was never any indication of WMD.  This result is a horribly mismanaged war, which flies directly in the face of human rights.  Let me say this.  Americans are not better then Arabs.  Christians are not better then Muslims.  Drawing these lines will cause humanity nothing but pain.
Certainly terrorism exists.  Sept. 11th was a cowardly, unprovoked act.  Which is why I, originally, agreed with Canada's support in Afghanistan.  Iraq had nothing to do with potential terrorism.  Nothing has been found to justify the deaths of thousands of individuals. 
Democracy is a functional system.  For us.  Cultures differ greatly.  I must remind myself constantly, even well I was travelling in countries belonging to others, that just because I function one way doesn't mean that will directly apply itself to another.
So allow me this political rant.  I have spoken with soldiers who served in Iraq.  I talked to an Arab woman who travelled in Afghanistan.  Always, always consider both sides.  I don't believe, at all, that we have any right to be ripping apart countries because they're different.  And ripping apart is what's happening in the Middle East.
There is one point in this book where Joshua realizes that they have become the terrorists.  It is a potent read by a patriot ex-redneck.  I can't begin to explain in a post what he writes.  But this is not a book review.  It's a platform to extend my distaste with this pointless war.  I just thought that needed said.


Holly Renee said...

I'll look into reading that book. Sounds interesting, and I agree with most of what you said. Putting people into different categories is not helpful. It only serves to separate. In the end we are all human.

Rob said...

Great review. I'm going to pick this book up. It sounds really interesting.