Sunday, April 18, 2004

Good morning.
Anyone who's been on here more then once (which is probably nobody) will have noticed that I'm changing it often. Like, very often. The process usually goes something like this. Open up template. Change the letters in whatever colour combo catches my eye and see what it changes when applied to the blog. If it's something I want to change then I'll go find a colour I like and replace it. Probably not the fastest way to do it but when I can't understand anything that's kinda the way I have to. I was going to change the whole template this morning since I wanted one with a sidebar on both sides but they didn't want to give me any like that so I guess I'm stuck with this one.
In other news, last night I felt a bit feverish (although I'm only a few degrees over this morning). I've started coughing too. Grrr. I'm not admitting I've got the bug yet though (which my whole family has been through). I'm hoping to be attending a judo comp next week I'd better stave it off.
If you want to make quality icecream out of cheap stuff here's how. Fill a cup with icecream (preferably choclate) and then add a very generous blob of peanut butter and mix it in. The texture improves considerably. I also dissolved some instant coffee in a very little bit of hot water and threw it in. Maybe I should patent that. But you can use it for free.
I have to get on with life. I've been way to busy as of late. Homework is calling (or homework is demanding my reluctant attention).
till later.

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