Monday, April 19, 2004

Yeah, o.k. My body is forcing me to admit I've contracted this loathsome, horrible, disgusting, illness. I'm a little upset. I was so close to making it through without getting it and then having bragging rights for best immune system. Last night after the family got home my Mom came up and took my temperature and made the official decision that I am indeed sick. I got orange juice and cold cloths and such. It's very nice to be pampered when you're sick. Only, I was in a state of denial. "I'm not sick!", "I can't be sick!", "I'm still going to work and judo tomorrow!" (which I'm not), "I'm every bit as stubborn as you are!" (when pressed to take a tylonal, which I didn't). Perhaps you notice how everyone of those sentences starts with the notorious "I". I only now hope that I can make judo on Thursday. If not I suppose the tournament is out.
Last night as I was lying in bed I started talking to myself. Us geniuses tend to do that a lot. It resulted in turning on the lamp and writing a rather mobid poem. Not horribly morbid but as I don't usually consider myself a morbid person I have a right to call my poem morbid. Anyway, the point is, I don't ever recall willingly writing a poem. Only when I'm flushed with fever and not thinking clearly from tiredness. I also came up with a lot of stuff to ponder in my blog. Needless to say, I don't remember any of it. Maybe having a high temperature furthers my creative ability (which is nigh zilch to begin with). One time I had a bad fever and I recall laying in bed and coming up with an "involved plot" for a...dig this...romance. I remember thinking it could be a best seller and I must write it all down the next morning. The crazy part is romances are not exactly my specialty. I'm known to sneer at them in great disgust. The fever was clearly effecting me. Anyway, I can't remember the story at all now. I just know it took place on a ranch so I guess I can imagine it was a good idea.
What does indie (sp?) mean? I've stumbled across it twice in just this days adventures. I've heard indie films, indie rock, and people referring to themselves as indie. So I've finally decided to admit my ignorance to the world. Am I at all possibly an indie? How is indie rock different then normal rock? Does the term have anything to do with India (where I aim to visit one day, along with over three quarters of the other countries in the world)? I would much appreciate it if anyone cares to enlighten me.
The family has all gone away for a day trip, it being my Mom's b-day. Which means I get the house to myself again. I like it. I can sit on the computer in my p.j.s all morning if I so wish, without getting look-down-nose-at-little-computer-junkie looks. Also when I'm healthy I much appreciate being able to belt out Jennifer Knapp or Avril Lavigne or RS James or Rachel Lampa, or you get the idea. And eat when I'm hungry and practice my ukemi (breakfalls) without getting other weirded out looks. It comes with a great many advantages.
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