Friday, April 30, 2004

I am quite seriously thinking of changing the title to "barefoot in summer", or something like that. The Cherry life of a Tomboy was just supposed to be a working title. Blogger assured me that I could change it at any time but I didn't suppose that it would mean changing the whole blog thing. three cons,
1. barefoot in long will it be before I'm tired of it. And will it work in winter? Probably not.
2. It doesn't match my url, which I could also change, but then the few people who actually come here might get lost.
3. What was 3 again? I forget. Oh yeah, then the colour scheme doesn't match so much. But that's o.k. since it's just a colour scheme and not actually cool graphics and stuff anyway. I'd also have to rewrite the description but that's going to be happening anyway.
I shall change it. I just have to decide on something decent. And then maybe stick with it. And this has been a very boring post. Which I shall probably re-edit. At some point.
Edit: there. Done. I am, at times, too spontaneous. For example. I probably should've figured out what I wanted to call it before I started a blog. And things. But that's o.k. Now we see how long it lasts as barefoot in summer. And I shall leave the url the same. Because cherrytomboy is still kinda cool. Question, do you wander the lawn of life, or do you wonder the lawn of life? I'm quite sure it's wander. And I shall go now. Before the last of my audience abandons me to have a nap.

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