Sunday, April 25, 2004

This morning I woke up early. Lazed around for a little while, and came downstairs to french toast. I love French toast. And I think I feel a bit better this morning. YES YES YES! Now watch me go get completely sick again.
Today I spontaneously wandered out into the back yard. The day is gorgeous and I haven't really been outside the past week except to walk to English which I simply didn't enjoy. Today what I noticed most is the dandelions are really out. Little sunshines of the brightest yellow all over the lawn. I really honestly like dandelions. I don't know why everyone who's worried about their lawns can't stop waging war on them and just enjoy them.
I just kind of meandered down our backyard in my boxers and barefeet and started to feel alive again. The air was still the crisp, cool of morning but I could feel it warming up to make a day to rival that of the warmest springs. I collected five smooth brown eggs from the chicken pen. I haven't collected eggs for months. Two of my sibs run the operation and sell the eggs. One of the hens got out which caused me to groan. I really don't like the things. They have the beadiest little eyes and they're not at all fuzzy or cute or anything. Luckily I was able to catch her quickly. It reminded me of this time when I was little and was animal sitting for our relatives and neighbors who'd gone away for a week or something. The first time I did the chores one of the chickens one got out and I was scared of it but managed to throw a sack and sit on it for half an hour until family members came looking for me. Actually, it's a pretty involved story including cats and things but that's the basics of it.
I think when I move out I'm going to truly miss small-scale farm life. It's funny, after all my years of dreaming about when I won't have to milk the cow, weed the garden, or butcher pigs. Not that I enjoy these pastimes now (with the possible exception of occasional gardening). But I certainly enjoy the produce. Boughten milk, meat, vegetables ect. are digestible, but the thought of eating them every day for the rest of my life grosses me out. I guess I'll try buy as much farm produce as long as I can. Also, I'll have my own garden. Even if I lived in an apartment I think I'd try at least raise lettuce and carrots on my window sills. I wouldn't like town life. I'd hate city life. Sure it would be exciting and fast paced for a bit. I could even put up with it for a couple years if I knew I could leave at the end. In reality I'm a complete small town girl, and one who feels crowded, even then, unless she can live on the outskirts. I wonder if I'd think that way if I was raised in the city...
This has been a very poorly written post. Primarily because my mind kept wandering after every sentence, but I think I shall post it anyway.

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