Thursday, April 29, 2004

Last night I went to biblestudy and stayed later then intended leaving me in disgrace. But I slept well and all. I keep telling Mom I'm planning to try go to judo tonight. She actually forbid me to yesterday. forbid me, Me, from going. So it looks like I might not be. Which is o.k. It would probably kill me anyway. Joe has got pneumonia and infected lung lining and other nasty things (he went to the doctor yesterday) so I guess it's smart to take it easy. Still, it hurts to have to miss half a month of judo.
Biblestudy went reasonably well despite the fact that we never went in with any particular thing to study. Part of the evening was devoted to discussing immature publicschoolers. I have come to the conclusion that homeschoolers can be quite stuck up. But we have a right to be. And I was half saying that to be funny, so don't jump down my throat. But really. I mean, when you think about it...
Cor disappeared to watch a movie with Maria. I have yet to discover why a movie could possibly be more interesting then us. Since she apparently did last week too I figured Meg would enlighten me on the way home but she didn't seem to know. And since Cor will probably at some point read this, don't worry, I'm not at all offended *G*.
Other then that, I am still very bitter at not getting better yet. But I'm trying to be accepting. See...=D. If I ever become a paraplegic I would be one who mopes around and expects everyone to feel sorry for her. In fact, I would probably wish I'd died. But maybe I could get over it eventually, and be a happy, impacting, positive person. Like Joni, or something. Anybody else read her book?

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