Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Last night I watched what was probably my first hockey game of the season. Might also be the last. The Canucks were put out by the flames. There was this awesome goal with about 2 secs to go to force ot and then the flames scored about a minute in. I wasn't that into it this year, probably because I haven't watched much, but about halfway through the game I could feel the old hockey spirit kicking in. I guess I may as well cheer for the Montreal Canadiens now (yes, I know how to spell Canadian now, but Montreal is french... remember?
My sister has this freaky horrible looking rash on her legs. We're thinking it's an allergic reaction to shrimp she ate last night. I guess that's one way in which I've been blessed is a high tolerance for a lot of that kinda thing. I don't ever remember being allergic to anything. I think hay fever and that kind of thing would be the worst. Or maybe dairy products. Yeah, I must say, I'd hate to be allergic to dairy products.
My cold is feeling a bit better but definitely still existent. It's especially obvious in my cough. Two more days till Thursday...

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